Paint in Life

Every one has his own way to record the beautiful moments of life, to leave the footprints in the way we walk by, time never comes back, but once you experience, it will always be yours.

For me, I’d like to draw the unique moment out, color it, and cherish it.




Oct.1st, the National day of 2014, I hung out with my friends  and we found a new shopping mall, but what impressed me most were the fashion posters in its showcase.



Oct.30, My mommy’s birthday. I drawed this pic for her and sent her some sweet words, this is the 6th birthday I can’t celebrate with her.Since I’ve been studying far away from home these years, but in 2016  I will finish my college, all I hope is to have more time to stay with her, the greatest woman in my heart.




Every city is a story-teller. I am from the south part of China, but choose this northern city to continue my college study. I gradually fall in love with this city, it has seen my growth, just like the serene girl on that wall, staying still, smiling to every passerby, listening to their special stories. This mural is in the park where I started my first romance, those sweet words still keep in deep, I will never forget though it has become a past . Someone came to me and then disappeared, left me in the memory, some people showed up and never leave, they are all my pleasure,  protect me from hurt…but also hurt me to help me grow. I believe  they all come from reason, I cherish all.



This one is painted for my best friend Claire, we spend  many happy  hours together, I appreciate all she has done for my, cheered me up when I was in down, accompanied me when I was alone…assures me she is always there. I love this saying: love is a lamp while  friendship is shadow, when the lamp is off, you will find shadow everywhere.



chrysanthemum and purple are my favorite


the first snow this year20141210


Dec .10, here comes  the first snow of this year, good mood  with me for the whole day.