Winter in Style


Summer is the “hot” time for most Girls, a perfect moment to show the perfect build.
However, “summer’s lease hath too short a date”, especially in this northern city, cool days often last longer. And now, here comes the winter.
But for me, winter surpasses any other season.
The overwhelming reason is the snowy day. You cannot imagine how excited I was when I first saw the real snow two years ago, everything turned silver and muting. Even the disturbing noise became more temperate. And now, I cherish more every single day in winter. I enjoy waking up early in the morning, tasting the sweet fresh air and most expectantly, letting the splendid white to light up my day.



Some friends of mine complain the snow for its making roads slipping, leaving annoying dirty liquid and nipping chill while melting. Yes, this fair will finally decline by “nature’s changing course untrimmed”, but as long as you love it, remember what it once brought to you, you will love its all. Life itself is mixed with weal and woe, why not try to go through your woe with the sweet memory or expectation of weal? Doesn’t it bless us living all of our life in weal? As it goes “masters of passion sways it to the mood of what it likes or loathes.



Another special reason for my attachment is the people and their wearing in winter.
Different from summer, we have to wear more to keep warm in this chilly dull season. Some people regard it as the obstacle preventing them from being shapely, but some cherish this unique time and stun with their stylish outlook.

But in my mind, you don’t need to be how impressive or outstanding, maybe just a common cotton-padded coat, or a pure color windbreak is more than enough. The best way to look good at the same time keep warm is to find those fit your figure. The suitable, the better. Winter usually comes with chill, but it also brings warmth. Don’t you find lovers hold tighter and get closer? Don’t you feel more like to hug your friends when you see them in that adorable chunky clothes?
And that’s the very beauty in winter.
All Nature is but Art, unknown to thee.


Start out Here_my voluntary teaching experience


Last summer vacation, I was lucky enough to be selected by the volunteer team which aimed at supporting the remote areas of Northwestern partof our country, especially those of Tibetan.

We have spent a half month in a hard-to-reach village with vast pasture,which later became a golden part of my memory.


Our team was made up of 8 members from different provinces,some of us are undergraduates, and some are studying in graduate school. With different habits and characteristics, we are various in many aspects, however, after these days’ living together in the comparatively poor conditions, we have learned to understand and care each other, and developed a profound friendship.



We hung out after school time.



Enjoyed the fairy sky night.

Too many things impressed me deeply in that tranquil village. Growing up in city, I can rarely be so closed to nature. It was extremely inconvenient to arrived  at our destination, some ways even have no public transport. However, when we finally got there, all fatigue gone in no time. Having settled down and arranged things in order, we couldn’t wait to going around and getting familiar with this lovely village. Which we met some of our to be students.



To be honest, it was a little bit out of my expectation, I had thought  they may be of less freedom, get tired of endless housework, be tired of this isolated field yet in our eyes, so novelty. I had imagined they longed to get rid of this lacking place and explore to the mysterious world of outside. However, it turns out I had been overthought. Chasing, laughing and shouting all the way, they seemed to be so careless, as if there was no sorrow in the world. But was it a good thing?It may not, when we told them where we came from, they looked puzzled, the only other place they knew of the country is Beijing, capital of our mother land. Which, I dare to say, is the reason when we asked them if they want to travel somewhere else, those who said yes all answered Beijing. They wanted less, since there were less for them to dream to.


That night, we had a long and deep discussion, what could we really bring  to them. We knew we cannot make a big difference with thus limited time. At last, we came to an agreement, we would not give classesin the traditionalway, instead, we would concentrate on “edutainment”, we would lead them to things they had seldom reach so as to find their own interest, and try to arouse  their passion towards study.

Since I am fond of getting along with yonger children, our leader asked me to be the head teacher of the lower grades, worked with another two companies. By the way, the school we worked for is a primary school and its students  were from the five villages nearby. Those villages is of vast land but few people, so our students were not too many, around 60. I was responsible for grade 1 to grade 3. Considering their young age, I tried to think of the easiest and funniest way to give them knowledge, at the same time, passion. I teached them some simple English songs, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. And played English game” Bingo”. What’s more, we also learned Chinese  song, painting, traditional dance, handmaking…And my partner even painted the map of China  and told them some  basic geographic information. All of these turned out satisfying, they loved art, and showed great  talent on it. I would also learned their folk dance from them after school. We did spent much wonderful time, I cherish all.



They were having photography class.


Painting  class. Most of the pictures had been sent to us by them.


We were preparing for our outdoor games.


After class, the natural playground would always be full of joy, some little girls were being my hairstylist.


The village  head invited us to his home.


The parting day. But love is a circle, our story continues…






Paint in Life

Every one has his own way to record the beautiful moments of life, to leave the footprints in the way we walk by, time never comes back, but once you experience, it will always be yours.

For me, I’d like to draw the unique moment out, color it, and cherish it.




Oct.1st, the National day of 2014, I hung out with my friends  and we found a new shopping mall, but what impressed me most were the fashion posters in its showcase.



Oct.30, My mommy’s birthday. I drawed this pic for her and sent her some sweet words, this is the 6th birthday I can’t celebrate with her.Since I’ve been studying far away from home these years, but in 2016  I will finish my college, all I hope is to have more time to stay with her, the greatest woman in my heart.




Every city is a story-teller. I am from the south part of China, but choose this northern city to continue my college study. I gradually fall in love with this city, it has seen my growth, just like the serene girl on that wall, staying still, smiling to every passerby, listening to their special stories. This mural is in the park where I started my first romance, those sweet words still keep in deep, I will never forget though it has become a past . Someone came to me and then disappeared, left me in the memory, some people showed up and never leave, they are all my pleasure,  protect me from hurt…but also hurt me to help me grow. I believe  they all come from reason, I cherish all.



This one is painted for my best friend Claire, we spend  many happy  hours together, I appreciate all she has done for my, cheered me up when I was in down, accompanied me when I was alone…assures me she is always there. I love this saying: love is a lamp while  friendship is shadow, when the lamp is off, you will find shadow everywhere.



chrysanthemum and purple are my favorite


the first snow this year20141210


Dec .10, here comes  the first snow of this year, good mood  with me for the whole day.